3rd International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Plant Engineering (ICMMPE 2017)

ICMMPE 2017 is a comprehensive conference covering various topics of mechanical, manufacturing, and Process Plant engineering. We believe that by bringing together these related fields, it helps to create a unique opportunity for collaboration between industry and academic researchers. In addition, this conference will be a chance for discussing and obviating the existing challenging problems or those that emerge in industry. Genuine problems of industry can become a new idea for academic researchers to promote the quality of industry and production.

ICMMPE 2017 aims to bring together the academic and industry experts from all over the world to exchange information and achievements in the above fields. All papers of ICMMPE 2017 will be published in one of the following journals or other Scopus journals that are suitable.

Website: http://www.icmmpe.org 

Contact person: Mr Syed