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Complex Eigenvalue Analysis of Windscreen Wiper Chatter Noise and its Suppression by Structural Modifications

Ibrahim Marzukie Awang, Abd Rahim AbuBakar, Badri Abd Ghani, Roslan Abd Rahman, Mohd Zarhamdy Md Zain


This paper presents an approach to predict automotive windscreen wiper chatter noise using the finite element method. In this study, a 3-dimensional finite element model of a real wiper blade is developed and then validated using experimental modal analysis. In order to assess stability of the wiper blade assembly, complex eigenvalue analysis is performed using ABAQUS. The positive real parts of a complex eigenvalue indicate an unstable system. The baseline model is first simulated and stability of the system is examined. Having found a predicted unstable frequency that generates chatter noise, various structural modifications are proposed in order to reduce the vibration.


Wiper; Chatter noise; Finite element; Complex eigenvalue; Structural modifications; Modal analysis

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