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Evaluation of Human Exposure to Vibration Subjected to Active Suspension Actuators

R. Rajalakshmi, S. Rajesh Kumar, J. Thiyagarajan, A. Vinothkumar


This paper details the assessment of human response to vibration through modelling of seated human body using seven degrees of freedom lumped mass model. Continued human exposure to chronic vibrations may subsequently leads to person’s discomfort. To avoid this discomfort, an active suspension with combination of electro-hydraulic, pneumatic or air spring actuator is introduced between sprung mass and the unsprung mass which is controlled by a PID controller. For the simulation, ISO D-class road is given as input for the designed Matlab Simulink model and the results were compared. The simulation result shows that air spring actuators based active suspension can effectively attenuate the vertical vibration acceleration and increase the riding comfort.


Human body; Lumped mass; Vibration control; Active suspension; Hydraulic and pneumatic actuator

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