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Reduction of Body Acceleration in the Quarter Car Model using Fractional Order Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller

S. Rajendiran, P. Lakshmi, B. Rajkumar


Vehicle vibration can be controlled by Active Suspension System (ASS). The performances of ASS are better than the conventional Passive Suspension System (PSS). The effectiveness of ASS is based on the type of controllers used. In this paper, a quarter car model with ASS is considered for analysis. To reduce the vibration and improve the ride quality, Fractional order Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller (FrFSMC) is proposed and its performances are compared with Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller (FSMC) and passive system. While testing the performance of the controllers three types of road disturbances are given to the quarter car model to stimulate the vibration. The results of the proposed controllers are also compared against the existing Gray Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller (GFSMC). From the time responses and root mean square indices, FrFSMC performs better than the FSMC, GFSMC and PSS.


Active suspension system; Fractional order fuzzy sliding mode control; Fuzzy sliding mode control; Quarter car model; Vibration control

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