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Emission Control in Multi-Cylinder Spark Ignition Engines using Metal-Oxide Coated Catalytic Converter

K. Parthiban, K. Pazhanivel, S. Jenoris Muthiya


Internal combustion engines generate undesirable emissions during the combustion process. The NOX, HC, CO2 and CO emissions exhausted into the surroundings pollute the atmosphere that leads harming the human beings. The major causes of the emissions of pollutants are non-stoichiometric combustion, oxidation and reduction of nitrogen and impurities in the fuel and air. Thermal or catalytic converters and particulate traps are used for the post-treatment of exhaust gases [5]. In this investigation, an attempt has been made to control the engine exhaust emissions by using metal-oxide coated filters. The coating is performed by using vacuum coating unit over the surface of the mesh. The results obtained from the experiments using the filter coated with copper oxide, magnesium oxide, ferric oxide, cobalt oxide, copper oxide and their combinations were analyzed. The emission control achieved by adopting this technique was found to be effective.


Emission control; Combustion; Catalytic converter; Metal-oxide coating; Spark ignition engine

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