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Multi-Scale Ballistic Impact Simulation of Dry Woven Fabric with Elastic Crimped Fibers

Ala Tabiei, Gaurav Nilakantan


A material model has been developed to realistically simulate the behavior of loose woven fabrics with elastic crimped fibers subject to varying loading conditions such as in-plane and transverse loading. It is based upon a multi-scale micromechanical approach that includes the architecture of the fabric and the phenomenon of fiber reorientation, with fiber simplified as one dimensional elastic members with a single failure criterion. The material model is implemented as a user-defined subroutine in the explicit, non-linear dynamic finite element code LSDYNA. Results of fabric test simulations run in LSDYNA using this material model agree well with experimental results, demonstrating the material model s capability to accurately simulate ballistic impact of woven fabrics.


Computational micro-mechanical material model; flexible woven fabric; ballistic impact simulations; nonlinear explicit finite element analysis; LSDYNA; protective structures

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