Design & Simulation

At MAFTREE, we undertake Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions using MIDAS NFX.  Composite stress analysis often involves a mix of classical laminate analysis, hand calculations and detailed micro-mechanics, macro-mechanics and structural mechanics. We can perform simulations ranging from simple static, thermal analysis to multi-body dynamics and explicit dynamics.


Topology and shape optimisation tools within MIDAS NFX are powerful and a specialist training session is available for weight reduction studies. An example application from public domain is shown below:


We are a reseller of MIDAS NFX from 2015, initially through their Head Quarters in Korea and through MIDAS R&D Mumbai since 2019. We have deployed this software to a number of industrial clients as well as leading deemed-to-be-universities and engineering colleges throughout India. We are also trained so many students freely through our successful internship programmes and supported a number of our customers through free training and technical support.